Our Singapore Fling

We have arrived in Singapore!!

We have actually been here for  a week getting adjusted to our new environment.  This has proven to be an  exciting but challenging task.  Reflection has been given  little attention.  It is time to start sharing experience with friends and family at home and documenting the adventure for Aidan and Sydney who are too young to completely understand or remember what this all means.

Andy’s work has brought us here for six months.  We have a start date of December 27 and an end date of July 14, 2012.  In between we will live in a city that is growing at a mind boggling rate.  Singapore has only been an independent nation since 1965.  There are no obviously valuable natural resources.  Regardless this country is exploding with growth, development and wealth.   In the span of  practically one generation it has gone from a third world to a first world nation.  Singapore in Malay means “City of Lions”.   There were likely no lions ever living on the island but the power of the people here seem to make the name fitting indeed.

Our First Photo in Singapore

This post will be brief.  I need something to proverbially get the ball rolling.  I hope in the coming days to try to capture a bit of the experiences we will have that have already proven  intense and vibrant.   Should be a fascinating “fling” indeed.

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