Hiking Singapore Style

Our family loves to hike.  Yesterday we did a trek around the MacRichie Nature trail.  The location was only about a 15 minute cab ride from our apartment but it felt quite remote when we arrived.  One unique attraction is the TreeTop walk.  This is a 2.5 km trail that has a suspension bridge in the trees so you can see the view from the canopy.

A beautiful view of the canopy

Sydney on the Suspension Bridge

I think the hike was an excellent metaphor for how I feel in Singapore.  The surroundings seem familiar yet there is are objects which are so foreign and exotic it constant reminds you that you are not home anymore.  For example here is a leaf Aidan found…Seems ordinary enough until look at it and hold it up.

Aidan and the giant rainforest leaf

It was almost as big as him!  Also the animals are a bit different.  They do have your typical squirrels but we also saw a whole troop of monkeys.

Long Tail Macaque

Aidan and Sydney were amazed by the long rows of ants.  The rows of ants seemed to go on forever.  Aidan also found a snake. He found it first and picked it up so fast.  “Don’t worry it’s not poisonous because it did not bite me.”  Great deductive reasoning from my five year old.

The Non-Poisonous Snake

It was lovely adventure.  So far I am enjoying the excitement of our journey here in Singapore.

6 thoughts on “Hiking Singapore Style

  1. Erin,
    Great start….Yikes! I could not have been as blithely (sp?) brave as Aiden. Looking forward to hearing about the yummies.

  2. Brayden wanted to know if you try putting water in your hand and if the monkey will drink out of it? I told him of a story when I did this in Costa Rica and he wants to know if it works in Singapore. Also, we love the picture of the leaf. Wow what a large leaf!

    • No actually they have signs everywhere warning you not to touch or feed the monkeys. Because they are so close to the city I think the fear is it would alter their behavior too much and they would leave the reserve. I had forgotten you went to costa rica. Cute story.

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