“The City That Never Stops Eating”

Anthony Bourdain premiered a new series in November called The Layover. In each episode he lands in a new city and explores the food culture in less than 48 hours.  For his first show he chose Singapore.  His reason, “Singapore’s the city that never stops eating. For a gastro-tourist, somebody who travels to eat, any kind of serious eater, Singapore’s probably the best place you can go for maximum bang in a minimum period of time.”

The quickest and best way to sample food is to go to the Hawker Centers.  This is one of the oldest ways of eating in Singapore.  There you will find a collection of food stalls. Some are very rustic with picnic benches and no AC, others are in fancy department stores.    They all have samples of the dishes either lying out, in plastic replica form or by picture.  You point to what you want and you are on your way.

A Fancy Hawker Center at the High End Takashimaya Department Store

A few more stalls...

This was my lunch today. I have a Thai Green Curry Addiction.

My children happen to love sushi and Japanese food.  Especially Aidan who claims he will eat 10,065 (or whatever big number he throws out at the moment) pieces of tuna when we go to Tokyo in June.  Fortunately for him he does not have to wait that long.  There is a wonderful hawker center literally across the street from us called “The Food Republic”.  He already has his favorite sushi stall and has made friends with the locals.

He also discovered a love for prawn tempura

Sydney Loves the Udon Noodles

In addition to the above mentioned cuisines almost anything else you want you can find.   Last week when walking in a mall Aidan smelled something that smelled so good.  “What’s that smell, Momma?”  I look up and it is a restaurant that makes Rosti, a potato pancake dish famous in Switzerland.  He chose the Rosti with ham.  He and Sydney ate the whole thing and left me with the salad.

He loves Rosti. Now he wants to go to Switzerland too.

After a particularly good meal the kids are prone to break out into their “Happy Dances.”  Their shoes are already nearly worn out.

Aidan's "Happy Dance" after eating the food

Not to be outdone...here is Syd's Happy Dance! Bon Appetit

Local SIngapore food is a mix of what the immigrants from China, Malaysia, Indonesia and India have brought.  The names and variety of food are mind boggling.  We have a guide that has 300+ pages of food descriptions and locations to eat them at the hawker center.  It will take me the entire six months of blogging just to scratch the service.  I promise to try as many as possible.

2 thoughts on ““The City That Never Stops Eating”

  1. Love your blog, Erin. It looks fantastic. I think our oldest son, Joey, would love Singapore as he has an emerging taste for Japanese cuisine. He is hooked on Remuné soft drinks. Thanks for posting.

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