Hong Kong Pooh!!!

Personally I find traveling in a busy, crowded Asian city far less intimidating than a journey to  Orlando.   The long lines and expanse of Walt Disney World seem difficult to navigate with two small children.  That said in Hong Kong Disney is easy and I must admit I enjoyed it far more that I thought.  First of all, it is a short walk from our hotel to the subway and after a few stops you board a special “Mickey Train.”  You are there in no time.

The Train Handle

Two Very Excited Kids

Hong Kong Disney is small relative to its United States counterparts.  The  “biggest” ride is Space Mountain so for the ten and under crowd it is a perfectly wonderful place.   It is very similar to the American parks but there are distinct differences.  This is Mickey and Minnie dressed up in their finest Chinese New Years costumes at the entrance.

In the Chinese lunar calendar 2012 is the “Year of the Dragon”.  So even the Lion King had another ferocious beast behind him (not to mention the one in front).

Another distinct difference is when you are a light-haired, blue-eyed child in China you actually become an attraction.  It is amazing how many people want to get their photo taken with Aidan and especially Sydney.  In a sense I feel what it must be like to be famous because I could not go but a short distance with her until someone else was wanting to get her in a picture.  Fortunately she is usually a good sport.  Here are a few of my favorites we snapped of the “shoots.”

Aidan’s done with the movie star life and ready for rides

This was my second visit to Hong Kong Disney and each time I was surprised at how emotional I became when my children’s faces glowed as they first spotted their favorite character.  For Aidan it was dancing with Mickey at age 2 1/2 and for Sydney it was spotting Winnie the Pooh in the parade.  She loved it so much that now whenever I say “Hong Kong” she grabs my chin and looks me straight in the eye and says “Pooh” with a nod.  I always have to stand corrected and say “Yes Dear, Hong Kong Pooh.” To her the city and the stuffed, yellow, honey-loving bear are one and the same.

Sydney as she spotted "Pooh"

I must admit at times I had tears in my eyes at the pure joy my children faces expressed…perhaps that does make this magical place indeed.

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