Little India: A Food Lovers Nirvana

Little India as the name suggests is the bustling center of SIngapore’s large Indian community.

Saturday afternoon we decided to have lunch at the Spice Junction which is known for their southern Indian food.   One house specialty, Meen Pollichathu,  is white fish marinated with spices; wrapped in banana leaves and broiled on an iron griddle.   It was wonderful.

Little India is well known for its markets.  The streets are lined with carts selling fragrant flower garlands.  The aroma is so sweet and unique it brought back wonderful memories of the time I spent in India in 2001.

The Tekka Market has such quality and diversity I have read even Michelin starred chefs collect ingredients for meals in virtually any type of cuisine.

The seafood variety is wonderful both fresh and dried.

A multitude of small dried fish.

Aidan however did not think the smell in the fish area of the market was as pleasurable as the ones by the flowers.

This is as much of a smile we could get out of him near the "smelly fish"

I have to give a special shout out  to the fruit stall where I met my new love, the Mangosteen.  I actually tried it on a tour of the market with Sharm our relocation liaison the first day I was in Singapore.  I am so obsessed with the taste of this sweet purple fruit that I actually looked up the calorie count to make sure this is really heathy and not some secret weapon sent to destroy the fitness goals of unsuspecting westerns.  Fortunately they are in fact “good for me” so I continue to indulge.

Here is the first meal I make in Singapore.  It was a Wagyu Beef Stir Fry.  The veggies and fruits are from the Tekka Market.  You can see there is a mangosteen on the plate.

Tonight’s dinner, which was leftovers with the kids, must have been extra special because I ate two :).

4 thoughts on “Little India: A Food Lovers Nirvana

  1. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us. I am enjoying reading your blog and seeing your wonderful pictures. Great Job, Erin!!

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