So Much For a Five Year Old’s Logic

The above picture is from an earlier post “Hiking Singapore Style”  of a snake Aidan found while hiking in the MacRitchie Reservoir.  He was proudly holding the creature and stated it must not be poisonous because it did not bite him.  Well thanks to his grandmother’s research it turned out he was wrong.  Grandma Diana contacted the Nature Society of Singapore and they identified the serpent as a Twin-barred Tree Snake which is in fact venomous. Fortunately its bite is only harmful to small rodents.  Let hope our talk about not picking up unidentified critters made an impression!  Here is a copy of the information they sent from the ecologyasia website.

Twin-Barred Tree Snake

This beautifully patterned snake is rarely seen. It is easily identified by the reddish upper body colour and the black-edged white bars. The flanks are light brown speckled with white, and the ventral surface yellow-white.

As with the Paradise Tree Snake, this species is able to glide considerable distances by inverting its ventral surface and launching itself from the tree tops.

It is a mildly venomous back-fanged species, with a quiet temperament. The species ranges from southern Thailand to Malaysia, Singapore, Sumatra, Borneo, Riau and Java.

The Twin-barred tree snake is strikingly patterned – the above specimens are from Singapore’s central forests.
Species : Chrysopelea pelias 
Maximum Size : 75 cm

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