If you could once again experience a six month period in your life what would it be?  For me the answer is July to December 1993.  It was then that I first applied for a passport and headed far from home for a semester in Australia.  During this brief time I young with no responsibilities in a beautiful foreign land .  I fell in love both with the city and my husband.   Sydney for me still is the most magical place on earth.

Andy and I returned to Sydney in 2005.  At that time I was afraid that the city would not live  up to all my expectations.  Fortunately the trip was fantastic and everything I could have hoped for and more.  We revisited many of our favorite locations and created new memories.  Here we are at the Lord Nelson Bar where we shared many beers including one at the end of our first date.

A few months ago, Andy’s work offered him the opportunity to take part in a week of meetings in Sydney.  It is only an eight-hour flight and three-hour time difference from Singapore so the children and I decided to go along for the ride.   This trip was a very different experience the last with two kids and Andy actually having to work, but still we all enjoyed our time.

The city is so beautiful it is hard not to continually be amazed.

The image below is a view taken from Sydney tower towards Randwick where the University of New South Wales is located.  Baxter College which is the dorm where we lived is just past the racecourse. 

This is from 2005. We never made it back to the dorm on our recent trip.

My life has come a long way from that carefree time in Australia.  However, I would never change a moment because I now have the opportunity to experience things again through even younger eyes.

My two-year old Sydney especially basked in the attention her name brought.  She loved her Opera house and is now ready to visit “Mommy”, Australia.  Maybe she did because I will always feel that a little piece of me will always remain there.

2 thoughts on “Sydney!!!

  1. Dear Sydney….just think history could have been different….it could have been Wollongong Heiskell or Wagga Wagga Heiskell….some day when you are older you will understand 😉

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