Animal Encounters of the Australian Kind

Classic images of Australia include hopping kangaroos, sleeping koalas and laughing kookaburra.

Australia is full of unusual creatures.  To see some up close and personal we headed to the WIld Life Sydney Zoo in Darling Harbor to meet a new friend Elle.

The zoo runs a special “Breakfast with the Koalas” where the children touched some cuddly marsupials including Miss Elle and we toured the park without crowds.

We started the visit in the butterfly enclave. There were hundreds of lovely creatures fluttering around.

Aidan loved another insect-the Bull Ants in their mound.  He could have spent all day watching them.

This bilby was in the nocturnal exhibit.  Apparently he is in trouble of extinction. There is a movement down under to replace the Easter Bunny with the Easter Bilby to promote awareness of the poor creatures plight.  He looks like he could fill the part.

Then we encountered more savage beasts. This wombat looks so cute but apparently he is quite mischievous and can bite through the trainers Achilles if not distracted.

This unusual bird is a cassowary.  Again he appears harmless enough but his back claw can gut a man.

I like this snake picture I cannot remember the breed but considering Australia has seven of the ten world’s most poisonous snakes.  Chances are this is one of them.

I am always shocked how so many creatures in Australia can kill you-spider, snakes, jellyfish.  Even a kangaroo can kick you to death!    This saltwater crocodile is obviously intimidating.  Apparently near Darwin he killed so many dogs that he got put in a reserve.  When he ate two potential mates he was condemned to spend time in isolation in Sydney.

At one point he swam right up to the glass.  It was an amazing sight.

We had a great morning at the Wild Life Sydney Zoo. Elle looks like she could be part of the family and I think she is actually harmless.  Unfortunately she only eats eucalyptus which is hard to come by in Singapore so we had to say goodbye.

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