Balinese Cooking School

One of the greatest pleasures of a trip to Bali is enjoying the local cuisine. We took advantage of a cooking class offered by our resort to learn a bit more about the wonderful flavors we were sampling.

We started the day in a market. Here Aidan barters a price for some chilies.

He must not have been too tough of a negotiator because he made friends easily with the sellers.

We were given a list of ingredients to put in a basket.

I was glad these rice paddy eels were not among the requisite purchases.

After the market, we headed to a village house that has been in the same Balinese family for four generations. Our ingredients were beautifully displayed and we set off preparing our lunch.

The oven was a traditional wood stove. Coconuts were smoked under rice to add flavor. The oven temperature was controlled by our instructor’s breath.

The kids enjoyed helping; here they clean the rice.

Sydney later rinsed the shredded coconut while Aidan helped me with the sambal paste.

Most Balinese people are Hindu and religion permeates all aspects of their lives. Families have their own shrines and offerings are placed before meals. Our hosts helped us honor the deities in a traditional style.

Lunch was served on the edge of a lovely rainforest.

The food turned out beautiful and delicious.

Black Rice Porridge

I am hoping to recreate some of the dishes at home. Now I just have to figure out where to place the wood-burning stove…

2 thoughts on “Balinese Cooking School

    • It has been an amazing time for all of us! It is too bad Sydney won’t remember any of it but I am sure it will shape her personality in some way.

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