Nikoi Island: Paradise So Close That Feels So Far Away

We have travelled often during our time in Asia and it is difficult for me to choose a favorite destination.  One place that was fantastically beautiful and relaxing lies just 53 miles southeast of Singapore- Nikoi Island, Indonesia.

The island is small only 42-acres in total or in “Nikoi-time”, a 15 minute walk for side-to-side.  It is privately owned and there are only 15 “rooms” – all open-air bungalows.  It is reached by a boat from Bintan Island, Indonesia, which is easy to get to from Singapore by a ferry service.

The resort is an eco-lodge with bungalows that are constructed with driftwood and there is no air-conditioning.  It is also very quiet.  When we arrived, I asked for a key to the room and the staff told me keys are not needed on Nikoi. Wow! Here are some photos of our place which was Bungalow #15.

The resort was very “kid-friendly”.  Many fellow travelers had children.  There were two dining areas one for those with families and one for couples only.  I loved not having to worry about my kids’ antics ruining someone’s romantic night out.  Every night dining featured one set menu of whatever was fresh and local.  

Beautiful Pink Dragon Fruit

One lunch the preschool crowd tumbled around the tables.  Sydney was the ringleader and ended up covered with sand after her adventures.

The pool area had a friendly staff that always provided bananas.  Sydney amused everyone by the amount she could polish off herself. I guess acting like a monkey inspires a similar appetite.

The bar nightly screened a movie for the children while the parents relaxed.  The kids loved Alvin and the Chipmunks and Andy and I liked the quiet time.

Aidan “Jams” with the Bar Band

The island teems with natural beauty and wildlife.

The water was so clear and snorkeling was easy right off the beach.  Aidan was a thrill to watch snorkeling for the first time.  We saw many fish, coral and even a small jellyfish.

We heard a group of Americans rented the entire island the week before we arrived.  How amazing would this place be for a group of friends and family to spend time together!  Hmmm… I do have a big birthday coming up this fall  (hint Andy).  Alas, come next week I will be so far away from this little paradise.   A woman can dream though, can’t she?

3 thoughts on “Nikoi Island: Paradise So Close That Feels So Far Away

    • Yes. I think there will be a bit of an adjustment period, but I am sure when we will get home we will enjoy see everyone again and relaxing a bit.

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