Five Nights in Bangkok

Bangkok, Oriental Setting…

We spent five nights in this fascinating city in April.  Our travel plans have moved so fast and furious that I have not yet posted any photos from the Thai capital.  This was a business destination for Andy but we still managed to see a few highlights as a family.

A View of the Grand Palace

I was last in Bangkok fourteen years ago. The city had been my first Asian destination.  I remember the streets being so crowded with cars, tuk tuks and even an occasional elephant.  Now the city has more public transportation, a flashy monorail zooms overhead Louis Vuitton stores.  The traffic is still thick but there as fewer tuk tuks, and no elephants were seen.

The Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew are a highlight of any trip to Bangkok.  They were beautiful in 1998 but appeared more stunning this recent trip.  Certainly as Thailand has gained wealth, some of the money has gone towards restoring the beautiful landmarks, paintings and mosaics.  It is also likely the scorching 104 degree day with fantastically blue sky helped add a glisten to everything.

The Emerald Buddha  in Wat Phra Kaew is the most revered Buddha in Thailand.  Despite its name it is actually made of a form of jade.  It was under scaffolding during my last visit, so I was happy to see it beautifully displayed now.

There are many wonderful details around the complex.

We had a fantastic guide hired at the entrance of the palace grounds.  He would tell the children facts they appreciated about the structures.  Did you know this is a good demon?  You can tell because he is wearing a ring.

Sydney loved the paintings and the story of the Ramakian.  What 2-year-old is not moved by epics involving princess and monkey gods?

Here our guide instructs us how to sprinkle water on our heads with a lotus flower before entering the Wat.

Bangkok is famous for it debauchery and nightlife but I find the people overall very devout.  Many boys spend time as Buddhist monks.  The saffron robes are beautiful and easily visible throughout the city.  

The women are known for their beauty and it is not lost on Aidan.  The dreamy look in his eyes is priceless.  I night be tempted to blame it on mild dehydration from the insanely hot day but I know my son better… I am in serious trouble when he is a teenager.

The grand palace was a stunningly wonderful introduction to Bangkok.  Another time I will share what we did on the other days…

3 thoughts on “Five Nights in Bangkok

  1. Hi Erin,
    I can’t believe that your six months adventure is almost over! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I enjoyed reading about and looking at the pictures of all the beautiful places you visited. It was fun to see your kids enjoying themselves as well. They have grown so much…Have a safe journey home, and I’ll see you soon:D

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